The Natural Hair care Revolution

Many of us curly and kinky haired sistas are witness to the myriad of benefits that opting for organic and generally ‘cleaner’ hair care products bestow. We have enjoyed everything from shiny bouncy curls, healthier manes, and seeing our strands thrive after ‘the big chop’. Of course, there are also other matters to be happy about such as living less toxic lives by going green and being kinder to the planet. Brilliant! Now not to sound like a fanatic, or the leader of the hipsters but using natural, or close to natural hair care products may also have other remarkable benefits such as safeguarding your health, and possibly your life.

That may sound like a stretch, but perhaps not. A report entitled ‘Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story, written by U.S based health and wellness advocacy group ‘Black Women for Wellness’ stated that it may be some of the chemicals in afro hair care products that are making black women ill. This report was based on over five years of research which included interviews with African American beauty professionals, data collection, focus groups, and literature reviews, which served the purpose to determine chemical exposure and the correlating health status of black women as a result of using certain hair care products.

The report concluded that many hair care products targeted at black women were found to be the most toxic beauty products on the market. There were chemicals in some of the hair care products that are known the disrupt the endocrine system, causing skin irritations, respiratory disorders and allergies. The report has also found a link between chemicals commonly found in afro haircare products and uterine fibroids, reproductive development issues and infertility. The host of very serious health concerns is good reason to be more selective about what we put on our skin and hair.  There certainly needs to be greater rigour in labelling products targeted at black women, and well as government policy enforceable by law, but until this is a reality choose with care.

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