Keoma Beauty is an online marketplace that is changing the way women  discover, access and shop for the best beauty products that have been designed with them in mind.

The story of the Keoma Beauty begins with a palpable love of nature, a zest for life and a journey across Africa. Keoma Beauty is founded by sister and brother duo, Nkem and Chinedu Nwachukwu. Nkem is a creative and an intellectual with experience in government organisations, corporate institutions and NGO's in the UK and abroad.Brother Chinedu has a background in business development and project management within investment banking and financial services.

 Together have created Keoma Beauty to improve the  experience of buying beauty products, which can often be confusing, frustrating and inefficient, a far cry from the fun, joyful experience that pampering and taking care of yourself should be. It should feel fun and inspirational, not a chore. Whilst this is evident for all women we believe this is amplified for women of colour, with only a limited  set of products available via high street stores or from specialist retailers in metropolitan urban areas.

 Our Mission

Our aim is to equalize the beauty  narrative by establishing a better standard when shopping for beauty products – one that’s positive, personalized and provides you with the quality experience you deserve. We intend to make beauty discovery easy, and personalized.

Why keoma Beauty

The  number of products coming to the  market  has  started to increase with  brands extending their ranges to suit all races and skin tones however it is difficult for customers regardless of ethnicity and background, with limited time and budgets to navigate the range of options, and discover what really works best for them. With your help we aim to create that 'go to market place' phenomenon, which provides you with a say on what products are curated, reviewed  and approved and allows you to create the latest trends. You, who does care where products are sourced and what has gone into making them.

In return we will do our best to ensure that the products you use are innovative, have a high-efficacy, use natural ingredients and reflects you. 

'We work hard everyday to remind you, you're beautiful'