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Organic Virgin Argan Oil 50ml

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Organic Virgin Argan Oil, also known as pure unadulterated Moroccan Oil, is a centuries-old remedy finding fame as a skin and hair treatment. It is is made from the fruit Argania Spinosa, of the Argan Tree which is collected by local Berber women who collect the fruits directly from the tree. 

The Argan Tree is only located in the south-west region of Morocco. Fruit kernels measure between 2-4cm, and take over a year to fully mature.The fruit is opened to obtain the kernels, which are then ground and cold pressed to gather the oil for use in cosmetics and cooking.

The oil is Ideal for use as an after shower body oil to lock in moisture. 
Just one pump on the ends of hair saves strands from daily styling. 

Organic Virgin Argan Oil can be used in a variety of ways:

  • De-frizzing your naturally curly hair in an instant
  • Luxurious Facial Serum
  • Massage Oil
  • Pre-shampoo treatment
  • Moisturising or healing oil in your bath
  • Softening lips

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